Queer Christian Meetup Group

Queer and Faithful (Aka: QueerAF) is a community of LGBTQIA+ folx in the Eastside neighborhoods to connect and explore spiritual dialogue and fellowship with other queer folx of faith.

QueerAF is supported by the hard working and inclusive community of Salt House Church in Kirkland, WA. 

We believe in the radical welcome of all people because of how Jesus lived.

No matter how we feel or what we believe, our race or physical ability, our gender identity or sexual orientation, what we've done or haven't done, whether we have questions or think we have all the answers, we are all truly welcomed and affirmed


Thank you for your generosity! Donations are processed through Salt House Church and allocated specifically for our work of supporting queer folx of faith on the east side of Seattle and beyond!

Queer & Christian? YES!

All people are created in the image of God! Our queerness helps us better understand our creator, and the radical love of Jesus that celebrates diversity! 

Our Events

Brunch & Bible Study

They say Sunday Brunch is Queer Church…so we’ve combined the two! Once a month, QueerAF meets for brunch and bible study. Come celebrate the highs and lows of queer dating, of queer joy, of queer reality. You can find your gay, trans, bi, or questioning self in the scriptures, in community, and in the loving embrace of God who loves you! Oh! And we have mimosas too! 

Queer Night Out

We all need more queer friends! Once a month, we meet for a social event around the Eastside. Sometimes we bar hop. Sometimes we go to drag shows. Sometimes we watch a discuss a queer film. It’s probably the most queer fun you can have on the Eastside!

Queer Spiritual Care

Stories matter! And it’s important to tell our stories, celebrate our stories, grieve our stories, and heal our stories. QueerAF has queer clergy on staff trained in Spiritual Care, and are available to meet for coffee and a chat.

Here are a few things Spiritual Care can help navigate:

| Community | Coming Out | Family Dynamics | Questioning Faith | Questioning Sexuality | Grief & Loss | Dating | Religious Trauma | Transitioning |

Contact us to set up a coffee or a chat!

Spiritual Care is paid for by QueerAF
You just show up with your story!